Custom Functions

Marvelous #4

Marvelous Optimization #4 – Optimized Again

January 26, 2012

Last September I wrote an article about a custom function that I optimized to evaluate hundreds times faster. At the end of the article, I challenged my readers and myself by claiming that the already optimized custom function can be optimized even further. Do you remember? Later on I actually really optimized it again, and [...]

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Custom Function Optimized

Custom Function Optimized to Evaluate Hundreds Times Faster

September 14, 2011

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about a FileMaker custom function I needed to preprocess some data imported from the web. I used this custom function in an auto-enter calculation to immediately preprocess the data while being imported. I created a server-side script that does the import every morning. But when I discovered that [...]

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HTML Entities

FileMaker Custom Function for HTML Entities

August 29, 2011

Just today I needed to decode HTML encoded text in FileMaker. I thought this must have been done many times before, so I tried to search for a suitable custom function at and After checking few functions I found one that seemed pretty good.

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Thumbnail image for PHP Debugging & FileMaker Custom Functions Do Exist

PHP Debugging & FileMaker Custom Functions Do Exist

May 25, 2011

I have just read Anders Monsen’s post A Simple Debug Function for PHP at the Mightydata’s blog. My first thought was this is similar to what I have been doing since I learned PHP a few years ago. But then I discovered something very bad about myself…

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